Automatic XY trimmer

KalaXY 1650 - 65"

Automatic XY trimmer in width 165 cm - 65"

3 models available depending on the type of jow and accuracy required.

KalaXY automatic trimmer is ideal to quickly convert print rolls into cut sheets.

Print must be prepared with marks readable by the trimmer.
Printing these marks can be easily done with most printing RIPs available on the market.

It is also capable of cutting any material at a set length without marks.

Positionning of the longitudinal blades is manual.
The holding shaft to feed the print rolls is the same as the one used on our laminators Mistral, Arkane et Atlantic 1650 and are fully compatible. 

A significant time saving in all poster finishing operation for a reasonable investment!

KalaXY can cut a wide range of media with less than 1mm accuracy.

Its control board is user-friendly and very easy  to use.

  • KalaXY 1650

    Width 165 cm - 65"

    Speed up to 18 m/mn

    Maximum cutting thickness 1 mm - 40 mil

    Accuracy +/- 1 mm

    Delivered with two single and one double longitudinal blade holder.
    Extra double blade holder can be added separately.



    Automatic XY trimmer

  • KalaXY 1650 PLUS

    Same features as KalaXY 1650.

    Electrical adjustment of the position of all of the Y blades at once, by the operator on the fly.


  • KalaXY 1650 PRO

    Same features as KalaXY 1650 Plus.

    Automatic correction of the media edge with a position sensor. The media feeding shaft is moved from left to right according to this sensor and fed evenly through the machine.